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January 2001

Fatwa regarding Freemasonry
College of Islamic Jurisprudence, Makkah, 15th July 1978

- by Farooq -

In various articles on this website we have exposed the real motives behind the creation of Ahmadiyya in a cooperation between the British-Jewish, The Theosophical Society and Freemasonry (1)

The College of Islamic Jurisprudence considers Freemasonry one of the most dangerously destructive organisations to Islam and to Muslims.

The full text of the Fatwa is as follows:

College of Islamic Jurisprudence, Makkah, 15th July 1978 - concerning: Freemasonry
"The College of Islamic Jurisprudence, in its session convened at Makkah on 15th July 1978, examined the issue of Freemasonry, of those affiliated with it and the legal Islamic judgment on it, after adequate study of this dangerous organisation, and the boy of literature on it, inclusive of the College's own published documents, books, and newspaper and journal articles.

From the totality of writings and texts which the College examined, the following was evinced:
  1. Freemasonry is a clandestine organisation, which hides as well as reveals it operations as it sees fit. Its true principles are guarded from all but its most venerated masters, who have, by virtue of their consecration at Freemasonry's highest order degrees, proven worth of this honour.
  2. It establishes the relation of its members one to another, in all places of the earth, as is the alleged human brotherhood among all entrants in its organisation, without discrimination as to race, religion, and creed. Such overt misrepresentation of "fraternity" is simple-minded, at best.
  3. It attracts persons whose affiliation is practicable for the organisation; its allure is largely of a personally lucrative nature for the individuals sought. The high-minded principles of this recruitment entail; pledged assistance to any Freemasonic brother the world over; firm support of any Freemasonic candidacy to public office; and unconditional loyalty in all Freemasonic endeavors, even in those where the individual must compromise his sense of honour, justice, truth and right. Such lofty appeals often amass considerable financial contributions.
  4. Admission to Freemasonry is based on the celebration of the new member's affiliation through symbolic and awe-inspiring ceremonies which serve to frighten the initiate if he is at variance with the instructions; the more threatening orders are issued successively with rank.
  5. Gullible members are left free in the exercise of their religious beliefs; if they do not choose to benefit from the directives of guidance and the assignment of task appropriate to their status ( they remain in lower degrees.
    As to the heretics, rank is calibrated in relation to individual experience and mastery, as well as demonstrated readiness to serve Freemasonry's purposes, principles, and plans.
  6. It has political aims, and in most political and military upheavals, it has a visible, as well as an invisible, role.
  7. Its original organisational roots are Jewish; its secret global high administration, Jewish; and its activity, Zionist.
  8. In its secret real aims, it is against all religions: in general it seeks to destroy Islam for its Muslim adherents.
  9. It strives to select its membership from among positions of influence - financial, political, social or scientific status ( and to draw to its ranks kings, presidents and ministers, as tools to be manipulated in the forging of its dogma.
  10. It has branches which adopt other names to thus misrepresent and divert attention away from activities which encounter resistance to the name of Freemasonry. Among the most conspicuous branches operating under pseudonym are the Lions and Rotary Clubs; many, under multiple guise, similarly contradict the fundamentals of Islam.
It has become evident to the College of Islamic Jurisprudence the strong relation of Freemasonry to world Zionist Jewry. Thus it has been able to dominate many officials in the Arab countries concerning the question of Palestine, and to interfere in the Palestine question on behalf of the Jews and world Zionism.

Therefore, and for the detailed data on Freemasonry's activity, its considerable danger, its wicked dressing and its cunning aims, the College of Islamic Jurisprudence considers Freemasonry one of the most dangerously destructive organisations to Islam and to Muslims

Whoever would associate himself with it while in knowledge of its true nature and aims, would be a non-believer in Islam and uncounted among its adherents."

Source: Fatwa reproduced in "Freemasonry", by Muhammad Safwat al-Saqqa Amini and Sa'di Abu Habib.

(1)Articles exposing the Ahmadiyya connection with New Age, the British-Jewish link, freemasonry and theosophy:

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